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I have pieced together all of the officers who served in the 2nd U.S. Cavalry during the Civil War with the help of the regimental monthly returns and annual Army Registers. Readers will quickly note the large number of resignations. The 2nd was the hardest hit of the five cavalry regiments by resignations at the beginning of the war, with 19. Of these, 10 went on to become general officers in the Confederate Army and four others reached the rank of colonel. Nineteen officers who served in the regiment were general officers of either regulars or volunteers in the Union Army by the end of the war. Twenty one of these officers were commissioned from the ranks. Of the field grade officers listed here, only Pleasonton and Whiting actually served in the field with the regiment during the war.  Readers will note the scarcity of second lieutenants by the end of the war. The 1865 Army Register shows only one, Patrick Horrigan, and he was promoted to first lieutenant on January 5, 1865.



Philip St.G. Cooke           promoted to Brigadier General November 12, 1861

Thomas J. Wood


Lieutenant Colonels

Marshall S. Howe                    transferred Colonel 3rd U.S. Cavalry

Enoch Steen                             retired September 23, 1863

Innis N. Palmer



Charles A. May                         resigned April 20, 1861

Lawrence P. Graham               transferred Lieutenant Colonel 5th U.S. Cavalry

William N. Grier                        transferred Lieutenant Colonel 1st U.S. Cavalry

Washington I. Newton             retired October 26, 1861

John W. T. Gardiner                 retired November 14, 1861

J. W. Davidson

Alfred Pleasonton

Charles J. Whiting                    dismissed November 5, 1863

Frank Wheaton



Henry H. Sibley                       resigned May 13, 1861

Reuben P. Campbell                resigned May 11, 1861

William Steele                          resigned May 31, 1861

Richard H. Anderson               resigned March 3, 1861

James M Hawes                       resigned May 9, 1861

William D. Smith                      resigned January 28, 1861

Samuel H. Starr                       transferred Major 6th U.S. Cavalry

John Buford                             transferred Army Staff

Charles H. Tyler                      dismissed June 6, 1861

Beverly Robertson                   dismissed August 8, 1861

Jonas P. Holliday                     KIA April 5, 1862 (as Colonel 1st Vermont Cavalry)

Charles E. Norris

Thomas Hight                          resigned April 27, 1863 (later Colonel, 31st Maine Infantry)

George A. Gordon

Francis N.C. Armstrong              resigned August 13, 1861

Henry Brockholst Livingston      retired August 25, 1862

John Green

Lewis Merrill

John K. Mizner

Charles J. Walker

Wesley Merritt

Theophilus F. Rodenbough

Charles W. Canfield                      KIA June 9, 1863

Robert E. Clary                              dismissed February 13, 1864

David S. Gordon

Robert S. Smith                              resigned January 25, 1865

Charles McK. Leoser

James F. McQuesten                      KIA September 19, 1864

George O. Sokalski

Henry E. Noyes


First Lieutenants

George B. Anderson                resigned April 25, 1861

John Pegram                            resigned May 10, 1861

John B. Villepigue                   resigned March 31, 1861

John Mullins                            resigned April 24, 1861

Ebenezar Gay                          transferred to Captain, 16th U.S. Infantry

George Jackson                        resigned June 1, 1861

William P. Sanders                   transferred to Captain, 6th U.S. Cavalry

Charles H. Gibson                     resigned May 30, 1864

Edward Ball

James W. Duke                          died October 28, 1862

Thomas W. Burton                     dismissed October 24, 1862

William Blanchard

John Mix

Thomas B. Dewees

William H. Harrison

Lewis Thompson

Frederick W. Schaurte

James G. Potter                            resigned April 27, 1863

Frank Burnham                             dismissed November 25, 1863

Robert Lennox

Michael Lawless                            KIA June 11, 1864

Edward J. Spaulding

Elijah R. Wells

Paul Quirk                                     retired January 5, 1865

Charles H. Lester

James Cahill

Charles McMaster                         KIA October 25, 1864

James Egan

Patrick W. Horrigan


Second Lieutenants

Thomas J. Berry                      resigned January 28, 1861

Solomon Williams                     resigned May 3, 1861

James C. Snodgrass                 resigned June 13, 1861

Francis H. Parker                      transferred to 3rd U.S. Artillery, then Ordnance Corps

Edwin M. Coates                      transferred to 12th U.S. Infantry

Peter Rinner                             cashiered February 13, 1864

Charles Lewis                          dismissed June 3, 1864

Daniel Flynn                             retired September 30, 1863

Theodore M. Spencer               dismissed December 5, 1863

George DeVere Selden             died September 17, 1863

Stephen DeW. C. Beekman       died July 7, 1864




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