At the beginning of May 1863, the 1st U.S. Cavalry’s regimental strength with the Army of the Potomac was 12 officers and 371 enlisted men in seven companies.  Although authorized twelve companies, three had been temporarily disbanded due to a shortage of officers and enlisted men.  The other two companies, D and G, were still in New Mexico with an additional two officers and 61 enlisted men.  The regiment was commanded in May by Captain Richard S.C. Lord, recently arrived from commanding the squadron still in New Mexico during the first two years of the war.

            The regiment participated in Stoneman’s Raid, but with even fewer men.  Company B was near Dumfries, Virginia at the cavalry’s dismounted camp, and Company L was in Washington, D.C.  General Stoneman had five companies at his disposal, with a strength of 10 officers and 267 enlisted men.  Only Company I had its full complement of officers present for duty.  Two of the remaining four companies were commanded by lieutenants.  Average company strength was only 53.

            Regimental recordkeeping in some disarray this month, as Captain Lord had just joined the regiment from New Mexico and assumed command.  No information is listed for the Field & Staff, other than listing all of the field grade officers on detached service at various locations.

Source: NARA, Returns of Regular Army Regiments, 1st U.S. Cavalry, April 1863, images 111-112.