There seem to be a couple of these going around right now. While I have no particular ax to grind, I will take the opportunity to highlight some of the blogs I enjoy on a regular basis. All of these can be found in the blogroll to the left, so I won’t duplicate links inside the entry. I found it difficult to rank order these blogs, as I seem to turn to different ones at different times depending on the mood I’m in or what I’m looking for.

1. My Year of Living Rangerously – Manny Gentile
2. Bull Runnings – Harry Smeltzer
3. Rantings of a Civil War Historian – Eric Wittenberg
4. Civil War Books and Authors – Drew Wagenhofer
5. Civil Warriors – Mark Grimsley, Brooks Simpson and Ethan Rafuse
6. A Publisher’s Perspective – Ted Savas
7. TOCWOC – Brett Schulte, et al
8. Civil War Bookshelf – Dmitri Rotov
9. 48th Pennsylvania Infantry – John Hoptak
10. Hoofbeats and Cold Steel – JD Petruzzi

Honorable mention to Behind Antietam on the Web by Brian Downey, which missed a spot only because of a very infrequent posting schedule. Such postings, however, are invariably worth the wait.

In looking back at my list, I notice that several of them post off-topic frequently. Perhaps that was a subcoscious criteria, but if so, then I really did Rene Tyree over at Wig Wags an injustice….