Mike Burleson asked a great question the other day, and I will confess that I’ve been unable to answer it.

“What was the name of the Western Theater battle which is called the largest cavalry charge of the war? I saw a documentary on the History Channel once, and can’t recall the name. I’m thinking Confed General Sterling Price participated but not sure.”

I’ve looked a good bit through my references, and I haven’t been able to definitively identify the battle that Mike is referring to. From my readings, the largest cavalry charge of the war was during the Battle of Opequon (or Third Battle of Winchester), when two divisions of Union cavalry under Merritt and Averell crushed Early’s left flank.

Admittedly, the Western Theater isn’t one of my strong suits as yet. Perhaps Wilson’s charge at the Battle of Selma? I thought most of his forces, though cavalry and mounted infantry, were dismounted during that fight.

I do know that there are some smart folks on the Western Theater who occasionally read this blog, however. Ladies and gentlemen?